Available courses

MeridiansAOHMassage Part One is an introduction to the course which includes a lifetime of information based in  Traditional Chinese Medicine, and cutting edge techniques gleaned from Zero Balancing, Soul Lightening Acupressure, Massage, Yoga, and more. It includes many videos,  manuals and illustrations that will lead up to an original protocol video and manual.  Many  downloadable handouts will supply your AOHMassage notebook.

Prerequisite to Part 2. 1 CE will be awarded upon completion. 

Neck MassageFoundation of AOHMassage includes introduction to 5-Element Acupuncture & Meridians, Self-Care, Awareness Journal, Rapport & Client Intake, Meridian Massage Video & Manual, Chakra Body Movement Video & support text. Many handouts to create a AOHMassage Notebook.

Prerequisite for Part 3. 4 CE's will be awarded upon completion.

MassageAOHMassage Part 3: Subtle Body covers subtle body systems and it’s impact on our work. Meridian Clock, 5-Element information and Chart, Subtle Body - Chakras, Meridians, Acupoints. Yin & Yang.

Prerequisite to Part 4. 4.5 CE's will be awarded upon completion.

touchAOHMassage Part 4: Principles of Touch includes Fields, Interface, Leg Pull, Neck Release, Calibrations of Touch, Spectrum of Touch, many videos.

Prerequisite for Part 5. 1 CE will be awarded upon completion.

Reflexology DiagramsThe ancient art and practice of Reflexology uses specific points on the feet and hands to enhance the natural healing abilities of the body’s corresponding organs and glands. 

Prerequisite for Part 6. 4.5 CE's will be awarded upon completion.


Art of Holistic Massage (AOHMassage)  is ideal for the recent massage therapy graduate as it sets a foundation for a lifelong career.  It is also a refreshing class to renew and spice up your current practice. Addresses and clears the organ meridians of the body. It is cutting edge information and practice.

Prerequisites: Parts 1-5. 5.5 CE's will be awarded upon completion.